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Last updated: January 1, 2023

If you are an avid reader of our website, you probably know more or less everything about anonymity on the Internet.

Anonymous surfing, encrypted messaging and videoconferencing, encrypted webmail Tutanota, and file sharing anonymously: we have made the tour of the most important techniques and tips for protect your privacy on the internet.

In this article, we will show you a way to exchange an encrypted conversation directly from your browser using an open source extension called Cryptocat.

Of course, everything you say cannot be "held against you" since Cryptocat will encrypt everything that will pass through the "chat rooms". It encrypts chats on the client side (your browser).

Communicate quickly in real time and in a completely secure way

Based on the model of zerobin, Cryptocat allows you to communicate with your friends without the curious being able to put their nose in it. It uses AES-256 for encryption, SHA-512 for hashing (used for authentication). This tool also uses an HMAC signature to verify message integrity.

It couldn't be simpler than Cryptocat since any browser is enough to make it work.

To access Cryptocat, download the extension by following the instructions for your browser.

Once on the main interface, you can join a conversation by typing its name in the last field or open one by naming it then typing your nickname. Connect in any case.


Cryptocat will then generate encryption keys. After a few seconds, you can then start the conversation.


The other speakers just need to know the name of the chat room. You are free to give the name over the phone or to agree on a name in advance.

The weak point of Cryptocat is that the IP addresses are not masked. So even if it's hard to know what you're talking about, it's entirely possible to know who you're talking to. To correct this problem, you will need use TOR.