9 energy vampires that will drive up your electricity bills

Recently, energy has become a subject that tenses a lot of tensions. Between rising bills and the risk of power cuts, we will have to change our consumption habits.

When we talk about this subject, we are then tempted to say that it is something that we do not necessarily want. Indeed, making concessions is never easy. But if we told you that with a few simple gestures, you can save money.

The idea is toeliminate so-called energy vampires. The idea is that these vampires, they "suck" electricity even when you're not using them. In this article, we present nine that are common, as well as how to fight against them.

Turn off the televisions

The first energetic vampire is the television set and that in two ways. The first is simply to stop letting the television run in the background when you're not actively watching it. Everyone has already done it.

However, the usefulness of this practice is not only limited, but on top of that, it is expensive in terms of electricity. The other important point is to turn off your television when you are no longer using it. Basically, televisions now go into standby instead of turning off and therefore continue to consume electricity, which makes them the first of our energy vampires.

Lights, one of the main energy vampires

The other point where we can say that everyone had to let go is that of light. Indeed, often it is not that we want to consume more, but we simply forget to turn off the light in a room when leaving it.

The problem is that it is extremely consumer in terms of electricity and even if you have opted for bulbs which consume less energy, it makes a difference on your electricity bill.

Remember to turn off your internet box

The following advice for fighting against energy vampires is applied by few people, simply because you may not be aware of it. The internet box consume a lot of electricity throughout the day.

However, if cutting them off when you are at home is obviously not a solution, it is different when you leave your house or even at night when you are not going to need the internet anyway since you are sleeping. .

Computers, everyday energy vampires

In the continuity of our energy vampires in terms of computing, too many people leave their computer on all night if they are on a fixed PC or leave their laptop plugged into the mains.

This obviously consumes power, even if they go to sleep and as with the box, you are absolutely not going to use them overnight. It is therefore better to cut them off when you go to bed.

Battery chargers, a common oversight

battery chargers, let's talk about it ! Indeed, you surely have plugged in chargers a bit at home where you can put your laptop when the battery drops too low.

However, the reflex that everyone has is precisely to simply unplug their laptop once it is loaded. The problem is that the charger will continue to consume part of the energy, even when no device is on it.

Prefer the Eco program of your washing machine

Another simple way to save energy and therefore money is to use the Eco programs that we see flourishing on recent washing machines and whose principle is simple.

The washing time is longer, but it uses less energy and less water. Thus, you make real savings and if you combine this with potential off-peak hours on your contract, you will see the difference.

Do not run your machines empty!

Washing machines or dishwashers are generally machines that are real energy vampires, even if you make sure to run eco programs as we have just advised you.

So, even if it means using energy, you might as well make sure that this is done for a machine that is full. Do not hesitate to push it back a little if there is still room. You will surely hardly notice the difference and it will save you money.

Set the hot water tank temperature

Hot water is important, but it also consumes a lot of electricity via a balloon car. However, do not do anything at the risk of risking bacterial proliferation.

The idea is therefore to lower the temperature of the water, but never below 55° which is the limit below which you can start to see a proliferation of bacteria and therefore problems.

Manage your heating to avoid energy vampires

Finally, the last big energy vampire is the heating which is also essential, but which can be managed to ensure that your bill is reduced. For example, we will advise you to lower the temperature a little when you are not there.

Don't lower it too much, otherwise it will take a lot of heat to get back up and you won't gain anything. However, lowering 2 or 3° at the start can save you a lot of money at the end.


There, you know more about what is called energy vampires, which without you really realizing it, increases your electricity bill as the months go by.

From now on, you have all the tools in your possession to ensure that sustainably reduce your footprint on the planetas well as your electricity bill by making a few small, uncomplicated gestures.

If it may seem a bit restrictive at first, when you get used to it, you will see that it will come by itself and especially when you see your bill, you will be very happy to have made these gestures!