The 6 best Android apps for IT professionals

computer android apps
computer android apps

Last updated: January 5, 2023

In this article, I will introduce the 6 best apps for IT professionals that I have been able to test so far. They are for free and very useful for all developers, server administrators, database administrators...

A selection of 6 applications that can help you connect to servers, control remote computers, detect communication networks, analyze networks, access databases or perform SQL queries.

List of useful Android applications for IT professionals

IMSO: Monitor your servers

This small monitoring application is able to alert you, in the event that a server or a port or a component of a server fails.

Download IMSO Server Monitor

Remote DB SQL

Remote DB SQL is an Android client for access MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Sybase databases. You can run SQL queries and view query results directly from your Android.

You can perform SQL queries and send statements like select, create, insert, etc.

Download Remote DB SQL client


ConnectBot is a very simple application that allows you to connect to a server in SSH from his Android mobile. No need to go to the desk or turn on your laptop.

You can administer, maintain, or troubleshoot using command lines.

Download ConnectBot


AndFTP is quite simply an FTP client for Android. You can use this FTP client to download / upload files or perform administration tasks from your Android terminal.

Download AndFTP

Web & Server Monitor Site

Web & Server Monitor site is an Android application from website monitoring. It is a monitoring application which will analyze the HTTP status code of your websites at regular time intervals and will send you Android notifications for you. notify if your site is no longer accessible.

Download Web & Server Monitor site 

Android VNCViewer

If you prefer the VNC for remote desktop connections, if you don't have a problem with configuring the router, and if you have static IP addresses or a dynamic DNS hostname, then you can consider turning to this little VNC client open source.

This supports VNC connections with most VNC servers under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, both in WiFi and via a mobile network.

Download Android VNV Viewer