5 Best VR Social Media Apps for the Oculus Quest 2

VR social media app
VR social media app

In recent years, we have witnessed a real explosion of what we can call in the broad sense of the term, the virtual mode. Indeed, whether it is art via NFTs or even the game via the Oculus Quest, everyone seems to be turning more and more to digital.

So, a bit like a Second Life a few years ago, we find more and more features of everyday life on these virtual worlds and with the'Oculus Quest 2, you have the advantage of being able to visit some.

In this article, we will specifically focus on social media who have obviously also taken the turn of the virtual reality and which are now beginning to multiply in this field.

But among an ever-growing choice, it's not always easy to sort through the offers, so we'll give you a hand. In effect, in this article you will find five of these social networks in VR that we advise you.

We will give you for each their main weak points as well as their strong points. The goal is then simple, to allow you to quickly shop around and determine which one best suits your needs.


When we make a Top 5 best social media apps in VR available with the OCulus Quest 2, we obviously have to talk about the leading application in the field, VRChat.

Indeed, this application managed to find the perfect moment to launch, at a time when demand was strong, but where paradoxically, the supply was rather low. Moreover, it is VR Chat that has surely paved the way for the applications that we will see later.

One of the big highlights of VR Chat, that's for sure the number of users, but also the large amount of avatars available, which allows you a more than correct customization.

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Horizon Venue

You can imagine, Facebook couldn't sit idly by as these social networks grew on Oculus Quest 2 and they launched their own platform, Horizon Venue.

For this, the traditional social media giant has pulled out all the stops and is offering a pretty crazy experience to its users. In effect, the platform has already had the right to concerts of world famous stars for example.

The possibilities are quite large and there are a lot of activities available. It is a very good software for those who wish to embark on the adventure of social networks in virtual reality.

Official website: https://www.oculus.com

big screen

Have you dreamed of being able to do movie sessions with your friends who don't necessarily live near you? Well, now it's something you can do.

Indeed, as its name suggests, the strong point of Big Screen, it is precisely that you are going be able to sit down with your friends to watch movies and series, all in a cinema atmosphere.

In addition, the platform also offers from time to time big events to follow. One of the last events was SpaceX launch. In short, it's cinema with friends, without necessarily having to move from your sofa.

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vTime XR

So far, the majority of social networks, in VR that we have seen, have in common to have a design that is very cartoonish. However, we know that this design is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Indeed, of people want a more natural look in order to have an experience that could be closer to an outing in real life, for example. Well, in this case, one of the software that we can advise you is vTime XR.

Indeed, whether in terms of character design or quite simply that of the environments in which you will evolve, we are still sure something much more realistic than cartoon.

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Mozilla Hub

Finally, the last VR social media app that we are going to advise you, it is a bit special. Indeed, you do not necessarily need a virtual reality headset to access it.

This Mozilla Hub experience is based on a mélange of augmented reality and virtual reality. Thus, everyone or almost can join you there, which remains a strength, everyone does not have a virtual headset.

This application is extremely simple and it works directly on an internet browser. You will only need a code to join your friends, which is very convenient again.

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